Electric Cigar Humidors

Caroline Franklin
10 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the best Electric Cigar Humidors on the market! If you’re serious about keeping your cigars fresh and full of flavor, you’ll want to check out these top-rated humidors. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or just starting your collection, we’ve got you covered with our expertly curated selection. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the perfect Electric Cigar Humidor for your needs.

The Top 7 Best Electric Cigar Humidors

  1. NewAir 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor With Opti-Temp Heating and Cooling Function — The NewAir 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor offers ultimate humidity control, XL capacity for 840 cigars, and Opti-Temp temperature regulation in a sleek, Spanish cedar-lined design.
  2. Upscale Cherry Finish Cigar Humidor with Free Electronic Humidification System — Prestige LeMans Humidor: Elegant, large-capacity cigar storage with free Cigar Oasis humidification system and solid cherry finish, accommodating up to 2000 cigars.
  3. Stainless Steel Electric Humidor Cigar Cooler (250 Cigars) — The Clevelander Electric Cigar Cooler features precise climate control and a sleek stainless steel design, perfect for maintaining optimal conditions for up to 250 cigars.
  4. VEFOR Electric Cigar Humidor — 82L Spanish Cedar Wood Cabinet with Cooling & Heating Control — Vevor’s 82L Electric Cigar Humidor ensures optimal humidity control, preserving your cigars’ flavor and preventing mold growth, all in a sleek black 6-layer Spanish cedar wood and double mirror glass design.
  5. Rocita 16L Cigar Humidor — Digital Hygrometer and Spanish Cedar Lined Box — Rocita 16L Cigar Humidor: Store and Showcase Your Cigars in Style with Spanish Cedar Lined Cabinet and Digital Hygrometer.
  6. Prestige Redford Large Humidor with LED Lights and Cigar Storage — Savor the flavors of your finest cigars with the prestigious Redford Humidor — boasting LED lighting, temperature control, and a massive 1250-ct. capacity for ultimate climate-controlled preservation.
  7. Rocita 35L Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor with Hygrometer — Unleash the rich aroma and taste of your cigars with the Rocita 35L Cigar Humidor, an elegant, Spanish cedar-lined humidor cabinet designed to protect and display up to 250 counts.

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NewAir 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor With Opti-Temp Heating and Cooling Function

Prepare your cigar collection for the perfect experience with the NewAir 840 Count electric cigar humidor. This humidor provides an advanced built-in humidification system, enabling you to adjust temperature and moisture levels at the touch of a button. The XL capacity holds up to 840 individual cigars, making it an ideal choice for even the most extensive collections.

With its Opti-Temp heating and cooling function, you can preserve your cigars in optimal conditions, regardless of the weather or season outside. A sleek design, Spanish cedar drawers, and LED spotlights complete this luxurious cigar companion.

With its user-friendly features and sleek appearance, the NewAir 840 Count cigar humidor is an excellent addition to any cigar enthusiast’s collection.

Upscale Cherry Finish Cigar Humidor with Free Electronic Humidification System

The Prestige LeMans Humidor, a stunning piece of furniture that doubles as a safeguarded cigar storage, truly stands out with its dark cherry finish. It boasts a spacious interior, capable of storing up to 2000 cigars, whether flat or angled. The humidor is generously equipped with an array of features, from the FREE Cigar Oasis Electric Humidification System that ensures optimal humidity levels to the built-in hygrometer on the exterior that keeps track of humidity levels.

Unlike many other humidors in the market that cost a fortune, the Prestige LeMans Humidor offers everything at an unbeatable price tag, making it a wise investment. With its solid wood construction and Spanish cedar lining, this humidor not only provides exceptional storage for your cigars but also contributes to their longevity and flavor. The addition of the twelve-unit humidifier system further adds to the user’s convenience.

The Prestige LeMans Humidor is not just a humidor, but it’s a statement piece that would make any room more inviting. The full-length see-through glass door, the lock and key set, and the external hygrometer enhance the aesthetic value of this humidor, making it ideal for cigar enthusiasts and home decorators alike. Despite its large size, the humidor is surprisingly manageable with a height of just 68 inches and a width of 23 inches. So, if you’re looking for a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and elegance, the Prestige LeMans Humidor is the one to consider.

Stainless Steel Electric Humidor Cigar Cooler (250 Cigars)

I recently had the pleasure of trying the “Clevelander” Electric Humidor Cooler, and let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations! This sleek, stainless steel device effortlessly preserves and protects your cigar collection, ensuring the perfect climate control for an optimal smoking experience.

The built-in electronic control panel and thermoelectric cooling system make it a breeze to maintain the ideal environment, while the included digital hygrometer guarantees your cigars are always in top shape. The spacious storage capacity, holding up to 250 cigars, is a bonus, allowing you to easily store individual cigars or entire boxes.

One of the standout features of this Electric Humidor is the air-tight storage, which keeps humidity levels in check. The temperature control is also impressive, even during hotter months. I particularly appreciated the cedar shelves, adding a touch of elegance to the device.

The humidity/temperature sensor is accurate, as long as you avoid blocking it. With a capacity of 250 cigars, I was able to store about 130 full-size cigars comfortably. My stogies have never been in better condition, thanks to the impeccable performance of this “Clevelander” Electric Humidor Cooler. I highly recommend adding this to your cigar-loving repertoire!

VEFOR Electric Cigar Humidor — 82L Spanish Cedar Wood Cabinet with Cooling & Heating Control

As a cigar enthusiast, I recently came across the VEVOR Electric Cigar Humidor 82L. At first, I was skeptical about its capabilities, but after a few months of usage, I must say that this humidor has won me over. The device’s sleek black finish blends perfectly with any room décor, making it great for home or office use.

What really stood out was its ability to maintain an ideal humidity level, which significantly extended the lifespan of my cigars without causing any mold growth. The device also prevented the loss of flavor due to low humidity, ensuring a consistently satisfying smoking experience. One drawback I noticed, however, was the occasional difficulty in turning the humidor on and off, which could be improved with an easier-to-use control panel.

Overall, the VEVOR Electric Cigar Humidor 82L is a reliable and stylish choice for cigar enthusiasts seeking a high-quality storage solution. I’ve come to appreciate its ability to protect my cigars from damage and the impact it’s had on the flavor. Despite the minor inconvenience of the control panel, I wholeheartedly recommend this product to fellow cigar lovers.

Rocita 16L Cigar Humidor — Digital Hygrometer and Spanish Cedar Lined Box

This elegant Rocita 16L cigar humidor is perfect for storing and displaying your cherished cigars. Crafted with premium Spanish cedar wood, it ensures that your cigars remain adequately moisturized while keeping them pest-free. The double-layer hollow tempered glass door not only offers a clear view of the humidity level but also allows you to easily fine-tune the humidity to the desired calibration.

With its chic and sophisticated design, this cigar cabinet makes an excellent gift for any cigar enthusiast, especially your dear father.

Prestige Redford Large Humidor with LED Lights and Cigar Storage

Introducing the Prestige Redford, a cigar humidor cabinet that offers both practicality and elegance. This spacious 1250-ct capacity humidor maintains the perfect climate for your prized cigars with its built-in temperature control and LED lighting. Its exceptional craftsmanship ensures durability and beauty, making it a standout among humidor cabinets.

Rocita 35L Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor with Hygrometer

I recently got my hands on the Rocita 35L Cigar Humidor, and I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised by its performance. The Spanish cedar lining adds a delightful smell to my cigars, and the adjustable humidity control ensures they stay just right.

The double-layered glass door also added a touch of elegance to my cigar collection. However, I did notice that it could be a bit more challenging to store cigars in larger quantities due to its size. Overall, I believe this would make a great gift for any cigar lover in your life.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to taking care of your cigars, an electric cigar humidor is just the solution that you need. But with the variety of options on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

What is an Electric Cigar Humidor?

An electric cigar humidor works by maintaining optimal humidity levels to preserve the flavor, freshness, and aroma of your cigars. Different models offer various features and specifications designed to suit your unique needs and preferences. So, let’s take a closer look at the important factors to consider when shopping for an electric cigar humidor.

Features to Look For

While the specific features of an electric cigar humidor will vary depending on your requirements, here are some general features to keep in mind when making your selection: — Humidity Control: Look for an electric humidor with precise humidity control, typically between 65%-70% RH. — Temperature Control: Some high-end models offer temperature control along with humidity control for even better preservation of your cigars.

Size and Capacity

The size of an electric cigar humidor will depend on your collection size. Ideally, you should look for a humidor with ample space to store your cigars comfortably. Generally, a standard box of 50 cigars will require a humidor with a capacity of at least 50 cigars. When evaluating the size, be sure to consider both the length and the width.

Durability and Construction

The construction of an electric humidor is an important factor to consider. Look for well-built models made of high-quality materials, such as solid wood, stainless steel, or other durable materials. This will ensure the humidor can withstand daily use for years to come while providing a secure environment for your cigars.


What is an electric cigar humidor?

An electric cigar humidor is a device designed to maintain the optimal humidity and temperature conditions required for storing cigars properly. It uses an internal heating element and a humidity-controlled system to ensure that cigars are stored in a stable environment, avoiding damage caused by excessive dryness or humidity.

The electric cigar humidor provides an efficient and user-friendly solution for cigar enthusiasts who want to keep their cigars in top condition without the hassle of manually managing their humidity levels. The device typically comes with adjustable settings for temperature and humidity, allowing cigar owners to fine-tune the storage environment according to their preferences.

Why are proper humidity levels important for storing cigars?

Proper humidity levels are essential for preserving the quality and flavor of cigars. When cigars are exposed to low humidity, they can become brittle, dried out, and lose their aroma. On the other hand, high humidity can cause the cigars to become moldy or susceptible to bug infestations. By maintaining the ideal humidity levels, cigar enthusiasts can ensure that their cigars remain in excellent condition and retain their intended flavors and characteristics.

Storing cigars at the recommended humidity (around 65–70% relative humidity) also helps maintain the balance of essential oils in the tobacco leaves, which are crucial for the final taste and aroma of the cigars. Over-drying or over-humidifying cigars can compromise this balance, negatively impacting their overall quality.

What are the key features of an electric cigar humidor?

Key features of electric cigar humidors include an integrated heating element, a digital display for temperature and humidity control, and a digital hygrometer to monitor the actual humidity inside the unit. Modern humidors often come with advanced settings and options, allowing users to set specific temperature and humidity targets for different cigar types, as well as programmed shut-off times to prevent over-humidifying. Many models also have built-in fans to help circulate air, ensuring even humidity distribution throughout the humidor.

Some electric cigar humidors are designed to be portable, making them suitable for travel and storing cigars on-the-go. They offer a convenient solution for cigar enthusiasts who want to ensure their cigars are stored properly, regardless of their location. Additionally, many humidors come with additional features such as built-in locks, casters, or integrated UV protection to further enhance the overall durability and functionality of the unit.

Which type of cigar humidor should I choose: electric or regular?

The choice between an electric cigar humidor and a traditional humidor depends on several factors, including personal preferences, usage patterns, and level of humidity control required. Electric humidors offer the advantage of precise temperature and humidity control, as well as a convenient, energy-efficient way to maintain ideal storage conditions for cigars. They are particularly suitable for storing a large number of cigars or in cases where consistent humidity maintenance is crucial.

Traditional humidors, on the other hand, may not offer the same level of humidity control as electric models but tend to be less expensive and often come with a unique, traditional design. For occasional cigar storage or those who prefer a more manual approach, a traditional humidor might be a more suitable choice. In summary, electric cigar humidors are ideal for more intensive and consistent cigar storage, while traditional humidors are better for occasional use and those who appreciate their aesthetics.

Which electric cigar humidor brand is most reliable?

There are several reputable electric cigar humidor brands on the market, each with its own strengths and specifications. Some well-known brands include: Hermosillo Humidors, Cubanacan, Xikar, and Sante Fe Humidor. Finding the most reliable brand may depend on factors such as personal preference, affordability, and specific features required for cigar storage. It’s essential to read customer reviews and consider brand reputation when making a decision.

Additionally, looking at key features, such as humidity range, user interface, and user reviews can help narrow down the options and identify the most reliable brand for your needs. Investing in a quality electric cigar humidor will not only ensure optimal storage conditions for your cigars but also contribute to long-term satisfaction and value for your investment.

How do I maintain and care for my electric cigar humidor?

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your electric cigar humidor, proper maintenance and care are essential. Some recommendations include: regularly monitoring and adjusting the humidity levels according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and the humidity preferences suitable for your cigars. This helps to prevent over- or under-humidification, which could lead to humidity fluctuations and damage to your cigars.

Dust accumulation inside the humidor can interfere with its efficient operation and affect the humidity levels. To prevent this, clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the humidor with a soft, damp cloth or a humidor cleaning solution. It’s essential to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the humidor’s finish or seal.

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