Paige High Rise Jeans

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Looking for the perfect pair of high-rise jeans? Look no further than Paige High Rise Jeans, a designer brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry. This article provides a comprehensive roundup of the brand’s latest offerings, featuring the best high-rise jeans in terms of fit, style, and quality. Get ready to elevate your wardrobe with these must-have denim essentials.

The Top 5 Best Paige High Rise Jeans

  1. Paige Anessa High Rise Jeans in Lillie — Lightly Distressed Denim Pockets — Elevate your style with the Paige Anessa High Waist Ankle Wide Leg Jeans in Lillie, an elegantly designed denim choice that effortlessly blends comfort and chic for your everyday wardrobe essential.
  2. Retro High-Rise Bootcut Jeans by PAIGE — Elevate your style with Paige’s Laurel Canyon High-Rise Bootcut Jeans in black, featuring a retro fit, high-rise waist, and bootcut legs for a timeless look and comfortable fit.
  3. Paige Vintage High Rise Jeans: Vintage Denim with a Modern Fit and Stretch — Experience the ultimate blend of style and comfort with the Paige High Rise Laurel Canyon jeans, featuring a mid-weight stretch denim, raw hem, and classic blue wash that’s perfect for any occasion.
  4. Paige High Rise Maternity Jeans — Comfortable Style for Expectant Moms — Paige Women’s Cindy Maternity Coated Jeans elevate your mom-to-be style with high rise, straight leg design — luxuriously soft and comfortable with superb stretch for all-day wear.
  5. High-rise straight Paige Jeans: Transcend Vintage Denim with Stretch — Experience the perfect blend of vintage-inspired design and modern comfort with these Paige Women’s Cindy Black Willow Straight Jeans — an authentic, high-rise, machine washable pair that offers a stylish straight fit.

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Paige Anessa High Rise Jeans in Lillie — Lightly Distressed Denim Pockets

Paige Anessa High Rise Jeans in Lillie - Lightly Distressed Denim Pockets | Image

Paige Anessa High Waist Ankle Wide Leg Jeans in Lillie are a standout addition to any wardrobe. The high waist and ankle length of these jeans make them a versatile statement piece that can be easily dressed up or down. The light distressed edges and leather logo patch at the back add a touch of sophistication, while the exposed button fly and patch front and back pockets give the jeans a casual, laid-back feel.

One of the most appealing aspects of these jeans is their fabric. The mid-weight, low-stretch denim provides structure and support, all while remaining comfortable and breathable. The 98% cotton and 2% elastane blend creates a soft, flexible material that gently hugs your body without feeling too tight.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The cut in the knee is not reinforced, which could potentially lead to damage if stepped on. Additionally, some users have commented on a slight chemical smell when first wearing the jeans, but this tends to dissipate over time.

Overall, the Paige Anessa High Waist Ankle Wide Leg Jeans in Lillie are a fantastic investment for anyone seeking a stylish, versatile denim staple. The combination of flattering cut, flexible fabric, and trendy design elements make this jean a must-have in any wardrobe.

Retro High-Rise Bootcut Jeans by PAIGE

Retro High-Rise Bootcut Jeans by PAIGE | Image

As a fan of Paige high-rise jeans, I recently tried on the ‘Laurel Canyon’ black jeans with a 23 waist — and let me tell you, they are a game-changer. The slim fit and slightly flared legs are perfect for a casual look that still feels put-together.

Upon trying them on, I couldn’t help but notice the attention to detail with the seam down the front of the legs. While it adds a unique touch to the jeans, it also made me feel a bit self-conscious at first. However, in spite of that, I appreciated the seamlessness of the denim and it added an element of style to the overall look.

Moreover, the 91% cotton, 5% Elastomultiester, and 4% Elastane blend provided a comfortable fit that was true to size. As someone who typically leans towards dark jeans with some flexibility, these jeans were a perfect fit for me, and I had no need for any alterations. However, I can see how some might find them a bit bulky, especially if they have a shorter torso.

Overall, the Laurel Canyon high-rise bootcut jeans are a great addition to any denim collection, offering both style and comfort in equal measures.

Paige Vintage High Rise Jeans: Vintage Denim with a Modern Fit and Stretch

Paige Vintage High Rise Jeans: Vintage Denim with a Modern Fit and Stretch | Image

I recently tried on a pair of Paige High Rise Laurel Canyon jeans, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The denim had just the right amount of stretch, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. The distinctive vintage-inspired style also added a touch of elegance to my outfit.

One aspect that stood out to me was the mid-weight fabric. It was the perfect blend of durability and flexibility, ensuring that the jeans wouldn’t wear out easily. The zipper closure was also a thoughtful touch, making the jeans easy to put on and take off.

However, there were a couple of drawbacks. The fit was slightly snug around the waist, and I had to go up a size for a more comfortable experience. Additionally, the hem seemed a bit long for my taste, but that’s something that can easily be adjusted with a quick trip to the tailor.

Overall, my experience with the Paige High Rise Laurel Canyon jeans was quite positive. The brand’s reputation for quality and comfort is well-deserved, and I would definitely recommend these jeans to anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable pair.

Paige High Rise Maternity Jeans — Comfortable Style for Expectant Moms

Paige High Rise Maternity Jeans - Comfortable Style for Expectant Moms | Image

When I stumbled upon the Paige Cindy Maternity Coated Jeans, I was intrigued by their promise of a stylish, yet comfortable maternity staple. After giving them a whirl, I must say, they’ve exceeded my expectations. The leather-like finish adds an edge to this high rise, straight leg maternity jean, and it’s surprisingly comfortable, even though it’s made of a luxurious blend of rayon, cotton, and polyester.

One of the highlights has to be the elastic side panels, which offer extra comfort without compromising on style. These jeans are remarkably flattering, especially during the later stages of my pregnancy. The mid-weight super-stretch coated denim was another standout feature. It’s not only stretchy but it also maintains its shape throughout the day.

However, while I appreciated the zipper closure for easy on and off, I found the rise of 9.5 inches a tad short. I wish it was a bit longer for a more secure fit, especially towards the end of pregnancy when bellies tend to drop quite a bit.

Overall, these Paige High Rise Jeans have been a reliable part of my maternity wardrobe. They’re undeniably cute, comfortable, and offer a perfect combination of style and practicality, making them a top pick for moms-to-be.

High-rise straight Paige Jeans: Transcend Vintage Denim with Stretch

High-rise straight Paige Jeans: Transcend Vintage Denim with Stretch | Image

As someone who’s invested in quality denim, I immediately appreciated the high-rise, perfectly straight cut of the Paige Cindy jeans in black willow. The Transcend Vintage denim offered a comfortable blend of cotton, modal, and polyurethane, along with a hint of elastane for flexibility and recovery. This pair brought an effortless vintage look to my wardrobe while feeling modern with its straight leg design and ankle finish. However, I did notice a minor annoyance — the label on the right rear pocket read “HOXTON” instead of “CINDY, “ which felt a bit off.

In terms of comfort, this style provided the perfect fit, adapting to various occasions whether dressed up or down. But, it was inconsistent with my previous experience of the same jeans wash, which left me perplexed. The length also seemed to vary for some reason, making it harder to put these on. Nevertheless, overall, the Paige Cindy jeans in black willow stood out with its blend of style, comfort, and authentic vintage feel, making it a staple in my wardrobe.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our guide on Paige High Rise Jeans! This guide aims to help you understand the key features, considerations, and general advice for this product category. Remember, we won’t be mentioning specific product picks or external resources, so you can focus on finding the perfect high-rise jeans that suit your style and needs.


Fit and Comfort

The fit of high-rise jeans is crucial for comfort and flattering wear. Look for jeans with a mid-rise or above-the-waist fit and a slim or straight cut. Consider a jean with a bit of stretch, such as spandex or elastane, which will provide a comfortable, flattering fit without being too tight or constricting.

Denim Type and Wash

Paige High Rise Jeans come in various denim types, finishes, and washes. Decide which style best suits your taste and the occasion. For example, dark, slim-fit denim in a straight leg is perfect for a more formal or dressy event, while lighter washes with distressing can be ideal for a casual day out or night out with friends.


Button Details and Zippers

Look for high-rise jeans with sturdy buttons and zippers that provide a secure closure. Also, consider the finish and hardware style to match your personal preference or the outfit you’ll be wearing the jeans with. Matte or polished hardware are common options, so choose the one that complements your style.

Pockets and Hems

High-rise jeans should have functional pockets to hold your essentials. Pay attention to the pocket depth and location, as these can make a difference in comfort. It’s also essential to check the hem length, especially if you plan to wear these jeans with heels or flats. Adjustable hems are great for versatility, so consider this feature when making your choice.



What makes Paige High Rise Jeans different from other brands?

Paige High Rise Jeans stand out due to their unique blend of comfort, style, and quality. These jeans are made from premium denim that provides an exceptional fit, giving customers the perfect balance between stretch and durability. Their high-rise design creates a flattering silhouette for various body types, making them a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts.

Additionally, Paige High Rise Jeans boast a wide range of washes, cuts, and embellishments that cater to diverse styles and preferences. This extensive collection helps establish Paige as a versatile and contemporary denim brand that consistently delivers high-quality products while staying ahead of fashion trends.


Which Paige High Rise Jeans are best for curvy figures?

Paige offers a variety of styles designed for curvy figures, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit. The most popular options include the Enzo, Perseus, and Dakota cuts, which provide ample stretch and support for larger thighs and hips. These styles are known for their high-waisted design, which accentuates the waist and creates a slimming effect.

For those seeking a more tailored fit, Paige also offers customizable options through their online denim bar. Here, customers can choose their preferred fit, rose color, and ember wash to create the perfect pair that complements their unique style and body shape. This personalization feature allows for an even more personalized and comfortable experience for curvy individuals.

What are the best Paige High Rise Jeans for petite women?

Paige Denim offers several styles that cater to petite women, ensuring a comfortably chic fit. The Cindy and Perseus cuts are popular choices, as they provide a slim, flattering fit for smaller frames. These styles come in different lengths, allowing petite women to choose the perfect inseam for their height.

Furthermore, Paige offers the Petite Collection which features a variety of washes, cuts, and embellishments, designed specifically for petite women. These jeans are carefully crafted with smaller proportions and detailed attention to ensure a superior fit for those with a petite body type. This dedication to offering products for a diverse range of sizes highlights Paige’s commitment to accommodating every customer’s unique needs.


How do I care for my Paige High Rise Jeans?

To ensure the longevity and vibrant color of your Paige High Rise Jeans, it’s essential to follow proper care instructions. First, always read and follow the care label on the garment for specific instructions. Generally, wash your jeans inside out in cold water with a gentle detergent, and avoid using fabric softeners as they can reduce the jeans’ ability to grip and retain color.

When drying, opt for a low heat setting or hang the jeans to air dry. Excessive heat can cause the jeans to shrink or lose their shape. After drying, iron your jeans on a low heat setting, as high heat can damage the fabric and cause it to fade. Remember never to dry clean your Paige High Rise Jeans, as it can weaken the fabric and decrease its longevity.

Are Paige High Rise Jeans suitable for work?

Paige High Rise Jeans can be a stylish and appropriate choice for a professional work environment, provided you select the right style and fit. The brand offers several classic, tailored cuts, such as the Cindy, Perseus, and Enzo, which provide a polished look that is suitable for the office. These styles are designed with a high level of stretch and comfort, making them ideal for long workdays.

Additionally, Paige Denim offers more formal options, such as the high-waist, streamlined Perseus and the clean, tailored look of the Perseus Skinny. These styles provide a modern, professional appearance that can easily be dressed up or down to suit any work environment. Remember to consider your company’s dress code and workplace culture when choosing your outfit.

What are some current fashion trends that Paige High Rise Jeans fit into?

Paige High Rise Jeans seamlessly fit into current fashion trends, as they cater to several popular styles. Their versatile range, with various washes, cuts, and embellishments, allows customers to keep up with trending looks. The high-waisted designs remain a staple in the fashion world, offering a classic, chic, and comfortable fit for a variety of styles.

Some popular trends that Paige High Rise Jeans fit into include the 90s-inspired, high-waisted, mid-drift-baring look, the revival of wide-leg flares, and the trend towards more sustainable and eco-conscious denim choices. Paige’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures they stay on top of the latest fashion trends while providing customers with the perfect fit and style that matches their preferences.

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